Extra protective comfortable Doberman leather muzzle


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  • Model: M55##1074 Agitation leather muzzle

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Fully adjustable leather muzzle for your Doberman

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Everyday use leather Doberman muzzle

Easy adjustable soft leather Doberman muzzle

This extra strong leather Doberman muzzle is one of the best quality dog training equipment. Do you require from the training stuff to be protective, so that your Doberman won't get injuries while training? Do you want him to be muzzled with a great full grain leather muzzle? We're sure, you do. This agitation training muzzle for your Doberman has approved its durability and has got positive feedbacks from professional trainers and dog lovers. It's fully adjustable with strong leather straps. This muzzle also provides your Doberman with good air flow due to its special design. It has several ventilation holes that allow your Doberman to breathe freely. This muzzle is comfortable enough for panting and barking.

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  • Protection leather Doberman muzzleAgitation training muzzle for Doberman
  • Soft durable leather for your DobermanStrong durable leather muzzle for Doberman

Why you should have this muzzle:

  • Fully adjustable leather straps
  • Good air circulation
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Leather covered steel bar
  • Protects your Dobie snout while training

When this muzzle is helpful:

  • Training obedience
  • Agitation training
  • Vet visits
  • Guarding

Sizes available:

  • 3 sizes available

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

How to measure your Doberman for good fit Muzzle:

How to
measure your dog
Length: Distance from the tip of the nose to eye line in inches
Circumference: Around snout one inch below eye line in inches
Eye Line: Distance from eye line to the point right behind the ears
Neck Circumference: Circumference around neck behind ears in inches
Width: Snout width in the widest part
Height: Snout height , should be measured with mouth a little open

If you're not fond of providing your Doberman with professional training, you can always use this leather muzzle for everyday. Going to the vet, it's forbidden to appear with your Doberman unmuzzled there. Many dogs in one room can provoke conflict. You will be sure that your dog won't. People are different and they can treat your Doberman in their own way. Protect him from such incidents.

Take your chance to get high quality products. This muzzle is made of genuine full grain leather, completely safe for your Doberman. Materials that our craftsmen use for making dog training equipment are friendly for Doberman health. This muzzle also has nose padding to reduce your dog's snout rubbing. Don't hesitate when you're just a few clicks from a happier pet!

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