Who of animals deserves the right to be a friend of Doberman?

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  October 28, 2013



Dogs are known to fight frequently. We can guess they determine who of them is a leader. But it is probably not like that. Maybe they just do not like each other; as well we, human beings, can’t love all people. By causing affrays canines give a taste of own qualities so to say they demonstrate to each other what they can do. They need to seem more aggressive, to growl offensive but they do need to bite. And if person will not put his oar in their business they will separate amicably. 


Does your Doberman get along with other dogs? Probably, he does. They say, Dobermans are lamblike creatures and their nervous system is robust. It is easier to put a person out of temper than sober-minded Doberman.Those who have ever dealt with Dobermans are unlikely to say a bad word of them. Moreover, they will want to choose just this canine as a family member as likely as not! How to be indifferent to so perfect in everything animals? 


Dobermans are friendly pets and prefer making friends with other animals and dogs in particular. Even if another dog starts barking at Doberman he will not be angry with this pooch. Doberman will behave honorably in this case – he will pretend not hear this barker. It is false statement that Dobermans are aggressive and wicked dogs. They have gained this reputation because of their power and size and сuz they were used for protection in times past. They may attack somebody if it is a danger to life of their owners or in order to protect their property. Moreover, human kids adore Dobermans and are happy to live with them together in one house. 



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