Doberman - the dog of action

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April 14, 2014

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I am sure you've chosen Doberman dog not only for his gorgeous and noble look, but also for his personality, cause among his positive qualities are intelligence, protectiveness, and loyalty. This dog breed is very popular nowadays, but it takes some efforts to live with Doberman. Be prepared to provide plenty of exercises and mental stimulation. A half-hour walk twice a day, plus a vigorous play or training session, is a good start. You need to teach your four-legged friend how to deal with children and other animals since he is a puppy.

Your Doberman is athletic, energetic dog, so be prepared to invest the time and effort involved in training and looking after him. Without the correct care and training he may be anxious, destructive, and aggressive toward strangers, other pets or even family members. Your pet requires a lot of attention, affection, exercise, and play, as well as good training to ensure acceptable behavior. If looked after correctly, he makes excellent pet that forms strong and lasting bonds with his owner - you.


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