What food does your Doberman like eating?



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November 14, 2013?


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Only you decide how to feed your beloved pet and my aim is just to tell you about the diet canine experts prescribe for Dobermans. I want to provide you with useful information about Doberman breed's feeding. You will be able to compare menu of your Doberman with the one described below.


Doberman is a large and very active animal that is considered to be a part of the working dog breed. It is recommended to feed these canines with good specialized food so that they grow healthy and strong. It is considered that dry professional feeding-stuffs should be included in the food of Doberman more often than other products.


Professional foodstuffs contain many microelements, easy digested proteins and vitamins. The dog owners who prefer feeding their pets with natural food probably know that it is desirable to feed Doberman with meat as meat is the main nutritious product in large dog breed’s menu. It is preferable to give only raw meat that is stringy and coarse as your Doberman will be developing and strengthening his jaws as well as promoting the work of the whole digestive tract.




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