Genuine quality stitched leather leash for Doberman

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  • Model: L4###1074 Stitched leather dog leash

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Stunning handmade design 1/2 inch wide leather Doberman leash

Walking your Doberman is an everyday activity which your pet loves most of all, we are sure. A good leash will be of great help for it. Besides, if you train your Doberman you need strong and reliable tool. All this can offer our leather stitched leash. Durable handle is extremely comfortable for the handler, because it is soft to touch and won't burn your palms. Genuine leather will ensure long lasting life of this equipment and safety for your Doberman.

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Doberman leather leash with brass snap hook

Doberman leather leash with brass snap hook

Soft Nappa padding for Doberman leash

Soft Nappa padding for Doberman leash

What is so special about this leash:

  • Genuine quality leather
  • Durable snap hook
  • Reliable stitching
  • Nappa padded handle
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Handmade design
  • 1/2 inch (13 mm) width

When this leash is indispensable:

  • Daily walking
  • Training
  • Better control

Sizes available:

  • 1 ft (30 cm)
  • 2 ft (60 cm)
  • 3 ft (90 cm)
  • 4 ft (120 cm)
  • 5 ft (150 cm)
  • 6 ft (180 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

This collar is made for your Doberman walks to become comfortable and efficient. Our craftsmen made it of genuine quality leather, equipped it with soft comfy leather Nappa padded handle. This leash will be an indispensable tool for easy controlling your pet and better handling.

This is a perfect choice for walking or training your Doberman. Secure stitching ensure extreme durability of it and long life of using. Besides, it looks really elegant and is extra durable. Reliable brass snap hook will help to adjust it to the collar or harness in a second and to release also.

This tool will becom e also a decoration for your pet, as well as train him and control during walks. Plenty of benefits makes this equipment one of the most demandable today on the market, especially for strong active powerful dogs.

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