Short leather dog leash (pull tab leash) for Doberman


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  • Model: L17##1074 20 mm Short leather dog leash

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Braided leather stylish short leash for Doberman

You used to take a short quick grab leash whe walking with your Doberman in public places aqnd when taking him out of the car. Though you always get the best looking stuff for your dog, you think him to be the most stylish pet and want to buy no ordinary tools. We offer you today something of that kind.

This is another short leather dog leash also known as pull tab or traffic lead. It's braided and fashion look stuff, as well as comfortable equipment for any time usage. We use genuine full grain leather, carefully chosen fabric that we use for making our dog leashes. It's soft and strong, also extremely durable for dogs with tendency to pull hard.

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Attractive leash for Doberman

Leather Doberman leash with stylish braids

Leather leash with O ring for Doberman

Brass hardware for Doberman leash

What is so special about this leash:

  • Genuine latigo leather
  • Brass snap hook and O ring
  • Exclusive handmade design
  • 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide leather
  • Rust and corrosion resistant hardware

When this leash is indispensable:

  • Take a dog out of car
  • Walking
  • Behaviour correction
  • Obedience training

Sizes available:

  • 10 inch (25 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

We do not give you a long list of benefits, we just present few main advantages of this leash, that should be taken into account:

1. This leash corresponds all requirements of the most pretensious and strict dog owners. We took into account all suggestions of professional trainers and dog handlers when making this leash. Check the result!

2. This quick grab leash is made short, only 8 inches long, so you can easily leave it on your Doberman neck and it will cause him no discomfort.

3. You can take it each minute when needed and correct your Doberman. This leash gives you better control and provides with the opportunity to easy handle him. It's also easy now to adjust your Doberman ordinary leash to the O ring on this leash.

4. This quick grab leash is comfy, practical and functional tool that is also reliable and strong.

5. It's made of durable and soft leather considering the world's standards for making dog equipment and equipped with reliable brass hardware.  

6. This is not just comfortable accessory, but also the most stylish decoration for your Doberman. It's braided to make this leash look fancy at the same time.

7. This short grab leash is the best choice for Doberman who lives in a city. He needs everyday walking and this will become a good gear for it.

8. With this accessory you will easily control your Doberman and correct his behaviour, to explain him to stay near you.

9. Durable brass O ring is used for attaching a usual leash to it and give your Doberman more freedom. 

Take a look at short leather dog leash

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