Nylon Doberman harness with ID-patches

We purchased this harness for our 1 year old doberman to aid in his training and comfort while on walks. We were amazed at the quality of the harness, and the patches on the harness are great, we purchased the In Training patch and to our surprise people actually read it and respect it, i guess it is because i have not seen any other harness that comes close to this in my area of Canada, during winter we don't get out on as long of walks so we hadn't used the harness for about 4 months, well our little boy grew enough so we are currently ordering another in the next size up, and just a note that sizing for the harness is as stated on line, it will fit perfectly if you use the guide when buying, I highly recommend this harness, and the handle and leash loops are perfectly placed, well made, excellent design, strong.

Kevin Mitton, 04/28/2015
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