All seasons choice nylon Doberman harness for all kinds of activities

I ordered two of these harnesses, one for each of my Dobermans. They fit very well, both measured out in the 'Large' size range per the diagrams. The harnesses allowed some adjustment, which was needed as our male is taller and skinnier, the female shorter and stockier. Excellent quality stitching and buckles, and they don't shift all over the place when walking them. They arrived within a week of ordering, I'm not sure what some of the complaints are all about? Might have been longer with a custom leather harness maybe? Our items were apparently in stock. The service was excellent (just be sure to reply to their initial email pitch offering a discount if you buy more items on that same initial order, they didn't ship until I replied/sort of odd, delayed it by a couple days). Overall great experience!

David Lyman, 08/02/2016
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