Protection scratch jacket for Doberman training

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Nylon protection jacket with easy removable sleeve

For effective training your Doberman you will need special kinds of bite tugs and of course special bite suit for better protection. This nylon jacket is designed by professionals for the helpers. It's extremely easy in use and very practicable thanks to its super light weight. Nylon is considered to be the most practicable material for dog training stuff of its beneficial feature of ability to be machine washable. This nylon scratch jacket is extremely durable and allows good mobility for the trainer. Special design of this jacket provides helper with maximum comfort, at the same time providing him with good protection against scratches.

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Water-resistant nylon protection jacket for Doberman training

Water-resistant nylon protection jacket for Doberman training

Nylon protection jacket with easy removable sleeve

Nylon protection jacket with easy removable sleeve

What is so special about this nylon jacket:

  • Ultra light weight
  • Increased mobility
  • Removable left and right sleeves
  • Zipper and Velcro double closure
  • Scratch protection

When this nylon jacket is indispensable:

  • Field training
  • Schutzhund training
  • Bite/Protection training

Available colors:

  • Black


  • Nylon

This protection nylon jacket is probably the best choice for training dogs on a competition level and for training of beginner dogs. This jacket has few incredible beneficial features, like it's waterproof, scratch resistant, and extra light weight. This synthetic nylon scratch jacket allows the helper to move with speed in practice. Check this full sponged lining and zippered sleeve. Sleeve can be easily removable.

Please note that here you can offer only scratch jacket but if you want to get the whole suit - scratch jacket and pants - click here.

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