Very comfortable walking dog leash 4 Foot 3/4 inch for Doberman

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  • Model: L10##1074 20 mm Nylon leash with support material on handle

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High quality nylon Doberman leash with padded handle

This long practical leash is made to be used for training or tracking. You can give your dog freedom of movement and, at the same time, be sure in its security and train youe canine with confidence. Tis leash is also an ideal tool to allow controlled socialization for puppies and young Doberman. Use this leash for correction in behavior of older dogs. We use only best quality brass plated snap hook and you can choose best option based on your training goal. We only use best soft durable nylon when making this leash. Super comfy handle is securely sewn to strong nylon material and is padded inside with royal Nappa leather. Besides you can use this tool at any weather condition, whether it's raining, snowing or there is high humidity.

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Nylon leash for Doberman

Reliable stitched nylon leash for Doberman

Non-rubbing handle for nylon Doberman leash

Soft comfortable handle for nylon Doberman leash

What is so special about this leash:

  • 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide nylon
  • Excellent double ply material
  • Nappa leather support material on handle
  • Strong brass plated snap hook
  • Securely stitched
  • Rust resistant hardware

Intended use of this Dog Harness:

  • Walking
  • Tracking
  • Patrolling
  • Training

Sizes available:

  • 4 ft (120 cm)
  • 6 ft (180 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black

Enjoy using this durable nylon leash which is excellent for general training or tracking. We made this stuff so you can enjoy reasonable price.

1. This Doberman nylon leash is specially created for tracking, walking and training. It has special soft support material on the handle. The handle of this leash is padded with royal Nappa leather and is super pleasant to touch. This will make using of this leash comfortable for you, because sometimes when your Doberman tends to pull, certain materials can burn your hands. Thus we protect not only your Doberman, but you also.

2. Your Doberman is probably fond of long time daily walking, morning jogging. He is waiting for them much and you'd like to make them more joyful and easy. That great solution. We offer you this walking leash of the finest quality nylon exactly for this purpose.

3. Exclusive style of this leash is truly unique. Why? It presents increased comfort which it gives not only your Doberman but you too. Soft padded handle is soft and gentle to touch, also very practical. It's made of Nappa leather and will bring even more joy to your walking and training sessions.

4. Secure durable stitching makes this equipment even more reliable and is ment to overcome extra loads. Increased lever of comfort and practicalness will help to provide you and your Doberman with effective training.

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