Doberman puppy and young dog bite builder of French Linen


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  • Model: PBB0F1074 New puppy bite builder made of french linen

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Primary French Linen bite builder for Doberman puppy

Is your Doberman puppy ready for basic bite training with a bite developer? Then you should start safe and efficient training with this French Linen bite builder. It is made of strong and dog-safe French Linen that is durable and will last for a long time. It is important to choose material of high quality, when you start training a puppy. He deserves only the best training gears which are soft and safe, interesting for a puppy to bite and struggle. They shouldn't be too hard, otherwise this will be an unpleasant experience for your Doberman puppy, so this French Linen bite builder will be of great help.

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French Linen bite builder for Doberman puppy

French Linen bite builder for training Doberman puppy

Three padded inside handles for Doberman bite builder

Three strong padded handles for French Linen Doberman bite builder

What is so special about this bite builder:

  • 2 padded inside handles for better comfort and control
  • Dog safe materials
  • Strong and durable material
  • Nylon loop for leash attachment
  • Easy bite grip angle for puppy

When this bite builder is indispensable:

  • Elementary puppy bite training
  • Full bite grip building
  • Better position grip building
  • Stronger grip building

Get more control over your puppy and more mobility during training with three padded handles. They are set on the inside and thanks to the padding, they will not slip in your hands. Hold them tightly and avoid possible injuries, while your hands are safe inside the bite builder. Train your Doberman puppy's prey drive using this French Linen equipment. Hook the leash to the nylon loop in the middle of the upper part and this will be an interesting challenge both for your Doberman and will also bring him much fun.

This French Linen bite developer was designed to start basic Doberman puppy training. It will help to build full mouth grip of your dog and to develop it to stronger one. Please remember that this is not a chewing toy. Don't leave your dog playing with this French Linen bite builder unattended. It won't serve you during long time and will be chewed. This French Linen bite developer should be used for training purposes only.

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