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  • Model: PS2011074 X-Sleeve Canadian pride

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Professional training bite sleeve for Doberman dogs

Looking for special training arm bite sleeve, like police bite sleeve or K9 schutzhund equipment? Then you're lucky to enter this page. Try our new invention, this dog protection training bite sleeve for training your Doberman. It can be used for working dogs, sports dogs and police k9 units dogs. This equipment presents widely tested design, provides helper with ultimate comfort and is equipped with tri level bite bar, so that you can get extra opportunities among other trainers. Check the following:

- It has no metal or plastic parts which ensures extreme safety for your Doberman.
- Secure hand stitching for increased durability.
- Best carefully thought design for police, working dogs, schutzhund and military training.

We use only friendly materials that are completely non-toxic and non-allergic, will cause no fur discoloration or irritation to your pet. There are small and big pads are used to protect your dog from contact with buckles, which gives additional comfort for especially active dog.

What is so special about this bite sleeve:

  • Decorated "Canada" flag design
  • Durable quality materials
  • Soft interior and strong exterior part
  • Padded inside handle
  • Plastic extra protection shoulder shield
  • 3 ways adjustable bite area
  • 6 ways adjustable handle

When this bite sleeve is indispensable:

  • Police dog training
  • Guard dog training
  • Protection training

There are few things that yoiu should obviously take into account when choosing this bite sleeve:

1. This protection bite sleeve is made of the highest quality materials, that are highly durable and long servicing.  

2. Short arm sleeve is created considering the specifics of handler's work and tasks.

3. Easy-to-take-off construction will help you to quickly praise your Doberman.    

4. This great super strong bite sleeve protects your hand, at the same time, it doesn't constrain your movements during work.

5. The design of this sleeve is made without using any plastic or metal parts for maximum comfort and protection for your canine.    

6. You can easily choose three levels of hardnesss of this sleeve.

7. This equipment will perfectly fit for for such kinds of training as sports training or special units like police or military dogs training.  

This bite sleeve we present you here should be used with special cover. We offer you to get french linen cover or jute material cover

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