Police tracking dog leash with massive brass plated snap and smart lock for Doberman


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  • Model: L99##1074 20 mm Nylon leash with brass snap with smart lock

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Professional police dogs nylon leash

This special invention of our craftsmen present high functionality and practicalness for working dogs. This is nylon leash for tracking, walking and training. Its exceptional feature is smart lock - special kind of snap hook that is used for police dog equipment only. Now it's available for your canine also. This leash is made of double ply durable nylon. It's heavy duty stitched to increase reliability of this tool. This training nylon leash has floating brass plated O ring on the handle and smart lock, so that you get a gear with super strong brass plated hardware. This leash is wide enough 3/4 inch to handle your pet and is 6 ft in length.

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Strong nylon leash with brass smart lock for Doberman

Strong nylon leash with brass smart lock for Doberman

Nylon Doberman leash with special floating O-ring on handle

Nylon Doberman leash with special floating O-ring on handle

What is so special about this leash:

  • 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide nylon
  • Securely stitched
  • Floating O ring on the handle
  • Double security smart lock
  • Weather resistant material
  • Easy washable

When this leash is indispensable:

  • Tracking
  • Police service
  • Patrolling
  • Walking

Sizes available:

  • 6 ft (180 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black

Check more benefits of this incredible nylon leash:

1. This leash was created especially for police working dogs and military dogs.

2. This equipment is made of double ply strongest nylon. Increased durability ensures long lasting life of this gear and makes even more useful for everyday activities.

3. Not many leahses are made to be special. Some of them are made for certain service. Due to the fact that this leash is used mainly for police working dogs, it's equipped with highly reliable smart lock snap hook.

4. We used only brass plated hardware to make this tool reliable. Brass fittings are rust and corrosion resistant that will surely attract attention of experienced dog owner.

5. You get extra comfortable and highly practicable accessory for effective work and efficient training your Doberman.

6. This leash provides you with great opportunity to control better your pet's behaviour and handle him easily. It can be successfully used for behaviour correction as well.

7. Few words about material this gear is made of. Nylon is considered to be the most practical fabric for training equipment and no wonder. It's any-weather material that is water proof so that it can be used in any weather conditions. It's also light weight and highly durable, as well as easily cleaned, as nylon goods can be washed in your washine machine.

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